Nicole Schuck


Schuck's work focuses on the themes of nature and wild animals as well as human habitats. Drawings and telling-performances and -walks are used to create alternative worlds that open up new perspectives. For example, in her large-scale drawings, she combines fragments of landscape, road networks, and animals. She uses both documentary and fictional materials; both the real and the imagined. The exchange and cooperation with scientists, in particular with biologists, zoologists, and other „nature“ experts represents an important part of her work.


Graphit auf Beton, 2013 (currently exhibited in the museum)

The drawing was specifically developed for the large hall of the Museum, whose surrounding region provides optimal conditions for cranes to rest and feed. The nearby fields and marshes are dominated visually and acoustically by them for a few weeks a year. This event was observed by the artist during her residency and translated into these drawings. Fragments of a Grus grus (crane) are drawn directly onto the floor. An eye and then parts of the plumage are interwoven with the road map of Hessenburg and its surrounding area to juxtapose habituated movements of humans and cranes.


2012 (currently exhibited in the hotel)