Artist in Residence

Kranich Museum’s Artist in Residence Program offers up-and-coming artists and performers from the fields of fine art, performance, literature, architecture, sound and contemporary dance the opportunity to get immersed in the environment of the North-German farmlands by the Baltic Sea. 

The Program grants resident artists with a fee, a space for production and a private apartment right next to the Museum, a compensation towards traveling expenses as well as a budget for the production of the new piece. The duration of the residency lasts for one month and can be taken up either in March or in November every year.

In turn, residents are asked to develop a new piece in response to the surrounding context and to provide documentation of the process leading up to the final piece. The new commission will naturally become part of the Collection of Kranich Museum whereas the documentation material will be displayed in the rooms of Kranich Hotel as a glimpse into the artistic process.

The new commission will be a result of a collaboration between the resident and the curator. As we envision, the Collection will expand the physical walls of the Museum and connect the surrounding area, where artists are invited to put their own stamp on the village of Hessenburg.

Artists in Residence

2023 – Ryoko Hori (JP)
2023 – Richard Barnes (US)
2022 – Mieko Suzuki (JP)
2020 – Ana Filipovic (RS) & Philipp Mecke (DE)
2019 – Andreas Greiner (DE)
2017 – Riccardo Giacconi (IT)
2016 – Vesta Kroese (NL)
2015 – David Prytz (DK)
2015 – Alanna Lawley (GB)
2013 – Nicole Schuck (DE)
2012 – Naoko Tanaka (JP)
2011 – David Allen (US)

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