In the summer, you can visit the beaches of the Baltic Coast or ride horses at the nearby Pferdehof Kranichweide horse farm. Every year in March and again in September and October, you can observe and photograph the unforgettable spectacle of the cranes dancing on the fields around Hessenburg. The hidden gems of the region can be reached by car or by bike. These include the late Gothic churches in Saal, Lüdershagen, Ahrenshagen and Kenz, which host organ concerts every summer; charming pottery workshops in Saal, Schlemmin and Wustrow; mustard and oil manufactories; and much more.

We can also recommend taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through the surrounding region, to the crane fields, or to the spectacular banks of the Bodden – the unique lagoons of the Baltic Sea region. Simply speak to the housekeeper the night before, and our coachman Horsti and his horse Auguste will pick you up the next day at the desired time. The carriage can fit up to 6 people, 1 hour costs EUR 60.

The carriage is the perfect way to travel down beautiful tree-lined avenues, observe the natural scenery as it changes with the seasons, and forget about the stress of everyday life.