Vesta Kroese: "Abdruck auf Abdruck (visuelle Meditationen über die Strasse - der Wahrheit des Selbst entgegen)", 2016

Vesta Kroese


Vesta Kroese works in different media such as sculptures, contextual installations, paintings and prints. Having studied Architecture at the Technical University of Eindhoven, and Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London, her practice is naturally embedded in the art/architecture discourse. Kroese has been an artist in residence at Studio RCA in London and PAIR and Badgast in The Netherlands. In 2013 she won the Desmond Preston Drawing Prize and was shortlisted for the David Troostwyk / Matt's Gallery Studio Award 2014. Her work has been funded by Fonds BKVB (now called the Mondriaan Fund), Stroom Den Haag and CBK Rotterdam. Kroese has been a guest lecturer and workshop leader at various universities and galleries such as Oxford Brooks, Wimbledon College, RCA, TU Delft and Eindhoven, and Willem de Kooning Academy.

Stamp by Stamp (visual meditations on the road towards truth of selfs)

2016 (currently exhibited in the museum)

Building up a relationship with the road and questioning the role of art within this setting, has been in the focus of the artist ́s residency. The road has a special status: while creating a division within an entity (the mansion house and its park) it also establishes a connection with the everyday life of the village of Hessenburg. Kroese compared this duality to the struggles of our inner selves, which manifested in writing, walking and a series of handmade prints. Recalling constellations based on the road’s brick contours, the prints are made with the same need as going for a walk: a desire to restart our minds.