Mieko Suzuki


Berlin-based Japanese sound artist, composer and DJ Mieko Suzuki explores the materiality of time and space. In her DJ sets and live performances she uses drones, field recordings, the crackling of electrical circuits, and fragments of vinyl records. She experiments with the unexpected and unconventional, and in doing so, combines the raw power of sound waves with subtle modulations, allowing a space to be sonically experienced.

Listen to the Song

headphones, media player, ash wood, 2022 (currently exhibited in the museum)

Visitors of the park are invited to listen more consciously to the complex soundscape of nature and biodiversity around them. For her work Listen to the Song the artist placed seven trunk sections of an old fallen ash tree to form “listening stations” at various locations in the park. Another such stool is installed in the entrance area of the museum, where visitors can sit and listen to her composition of field recordings from the park with headphones.