Tamara Friebel


Tamara Friebel is a composer, performer & artist educated in composition, electroacoustic composition at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna, Huddersfield University and in architecture at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, RMIT, with a background in sociology and theology from universities in Melbourne. She completed her PhD in composition with a portfolio of works, ‘Generative Transcriptions, an opera of the self’ in June 2013. Since 2005 she has worked as a sound artist, in composition and performance, currently living and working in Vienna and Graz.

I love you

2010 (currently exhibited in the museum)

Choreographed intuitions for miniature loudspeakers and video: Friebel’s piece explores the context of first impressions, and how an intuition can be captured in audio. It is drawn from responses to a brolgas’ (Australian crane) dance of love, a video snapshot of their lives spent together as companions. It is a piece which takes a brief moment of love between the birds and attempts to capture a sonic relation to them, placing individuals in an environment of free-improvisation with the filtered gestures of the brolga.