Hadley + Maxwell


Hadley+Maxwell have been collaborating since they met in Vancouver, Canada, in 1997, working in a variety of media including video, installation, and sound. Stemming from their commitment to collaboration, their work examines mediation as the threshold of intelligibility between the individual and the social. Often appropriating iconic images and traditional forms as they are expressed in pop-cultural, artistic and political movements, they use comparative strategies between diverse media to engage the relation between private life and public appearance.

Maybe it is They who Watch Us

2011 (in the collection)

The artist duo’s work is comprised of a series of interventions embedded throughout the Museum. The figure of the crane appears in the decorative arts throughout history and across many cultures. Drawing on examples of various decorative styles that are a part of the building’s history, the motif of the crane appears in various forms: as graffiti, in a mural, as a repeated pattern, and in a specially designed Toile de Jouy that pictorially tells a story of the museum itself.